Part E - Product Schedules

Effective as of 31 January 2022.

The Schedules in this Part F apply selectively to each Member depending on the products purchased in each Order Form.  

1. General

1.1    As at the Agreement Date, the existing products which can be purchased by the Member under this Agreement are set out in this Part E.

2. Additional Products

2.1    Contour may, from time to time, develop and supply new products for the Platform. 

2.2    The Member acknowledges and agrees that Contour may, in its sole discretion, append new product terms and conditions as additional Schedules to this Part E, upon notice to the Member.

2.3    In the event the Member wishes to purchase such new products from Contour, it shall notify Contour and the Parties may finalise such commercial terms in a new Order Form.