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Learn how Contour is building the global standard for trade by bringing together the world's banks, corporates and ecosystem partners, onto a common, digital, and trusted network – powered by innovation, trust, collaboration and blockchain technology

Our Approach

Transform existing trade finance products, such as letters of credit, to provide an unparalleled user experience

Build a global network of banks, corporates and digital document solutions, all connected on one decentralised platform

Together with our partners and network members, revolutionise global trade with new products and services

Why Use Contour?

We bring trust and transparency to a complex and fragmented industry

We offer seamless integration with our solution partners and other digital networks

We help data flow across the world's trade routes, connecting buyers, sellers and their banks

We boost the speed, visibility and trust across the international trade finance ecosystem

We make doing business across borders better and smarter, reducing time, cost and risk

We bring the benefit of giving more control and transparency to buyers and sellers

"Utilising technology and digital solutions is part of Rio Tinto’s strategy to enhance our customers’ experience. Through collaboration with Contour and our partners, we can trade in a safer, faster and more transparent environment and create value for the whole commodities trading industry."

— Karina Gistelinck

VP, Sales and Marketing, Energy and Minerals and Iron Ore Company of Canada

Rio Tinto

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