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Read our FAQs to learn more.

What is Contour?

Contour is a decentralised distributed global trade network for any banks, corporates, and ecosystem partners who are interested in and/or involved with trade digitisation.

It is designed to do at least 3 key things:

  •  Connect buyer, seller and both sides of the banks
  • Facilitate the transaction process and streamline communication workflow
  • Manage entire end-to-end Letter of Credit (LC) transactions digitally

Who should use Contour?

They include:

  • Buyer who is the LC Applicant
  • Seller who is the LC Beneficiary
  • Buyer’s bank who is the LC Issuing Bank
  • Seller’s bank who is the LC Advising / Negotiating / Confirming Bank

What’s in for my company?

Access to Contour’s web-enabled platform, its features and functionalities:

  • LC transactions: A very simple way of performing Letters of Credit on the platform
  • Digital Co-drafting: Efficient co-drafting between buyer and seller before issuance within a single day
  • Digital Document Presentation: Real-time presentation of documents on the platform in a fully digitised or hybrid manner
  • Peer-to-Peer Messaging: Instant messaging with single or multiple parties in the transaction
  • Discrepancy and Amendment Resolution: In-built workflow to help you resolve discrepancies within a single day

Is there a fee to make transactions on the network?

There is no cost when making transactions on Contour. All transactions at every stage, including the presentation, are now entirely free to users.

For more information, click here to download the full list of FAQs.

Can I download the LC?
Yes you can. Select ‘Export to PDF’ at the top right corner and all data related to the transaction will be downloaded to your computer, including the letter of credit, any amendments, presentation records, messages, and the audit log. 

Are there notifications in the platform for LC, presentation and P2P messaging?
Notifications are currently sent as email alerts. There is no notification feature on the platform itself, however, our team is looking to add this feature as an enhancement for future versions.

How do I get technical assistance or support? What is the URL?

Go to our Support page and select “Support Portal” if you need any technical assistance on the platform.

For more information, click here to download the full list of FAQs.

How is the Contour contract structured?
We utilise two main contracts: the Membership Agreement and the Rule Book.
  1. The Membership Agreement is a bilateral software agreement between Contour and each Member that focusses on the licensing of the Platform; and
  2. The Rule Book is a multilateral agreement between Contour and all Members that governs the general use of the Platform. The Rule Book sets out the relationship between Contour and all Members with respect to the Members’ downstream Transaction Agreements (e.g. letters of credits).

Do I have to sign the Rule Book?
No – Members are only required to sign the Membership Agreement. Our Rule Book automatically applies to the Member once the Membership Agreement is signed.

What type of deployment should I choose?
Contour offers a cloud and on-premise deployment, depending on whether you require us to host the software on a SaaS basis.
  1. For Cloud Members, Contour will host and run the Members’ instance of the Platform using Microsoft Azure, based in Singapore, for a small fee.
  2. As a remote option, Self-Managed Members will be required to independently install, host and update their instance of the Contour Platform by themselves.
For more information, click here to download the full list of FAQs.
Does Contour support Single-Sign-On?
Yes. Single-Sign-On with SAML 2.0 is built in to the Contour Platform and supported through configurations.

Does Contour provide services/API for the functionalities seen in the platform?
Yes. APIs are part of the Contour Platform allowing integration with existing backend systems.

Does Contour enforce strong role-based access controls between different user levels Yes. Contour adopts Role Based Access Control. Client Contour administrator users manage the company’s user roles and the associated access levels (e.g. Viewer/Maker/Checker/Approver) to suit the company needs on transaction approval process.

For more information, click here to download the full list of FAQs.

For any enquiries or support, please contact us here.