What is Corda?

Corda is an open-source blockchain platform, enabling businesses to transact directly and in strict privacy, reducing transaction and record-keeping costs and streamlining business operations.

Fine-tuned for the enterprise

Traditional permissionless blockchain platforms—in which all data is shared with all parties—have issues around privacy, scalability and interoperability that render them largely unsuited for global businesses.

Many enterprises—especially larger ones—face technical headwinds that prevent the adoption of a blockchain platform. Corda fine tunes performance and reduces operational costs for complex environments.


Interoperability is a key aspect of the platform’s design. Its applications and services run across Corda Network—a common layer of identity, consensus and governance. This means businesses can transact openly and flawlessly with all their business partners, without trapped assets or islands of information.

Corda is fully interoperable, meaning companies using it can trade with one another, and that one organisation can run both platforms seamlessly across different divisions. Corda also offers a smooth and direct migration path to Corda Enterprise if required.

Read more at corda.net.

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