Innovate with Contour’s Future of Finance Lab

Contour’s Future of Finance Lab is shaping the future of trade finance using user-focused and data-driven techniques.

Through a collaborative process with our customers, we look to address your biggest challenges in trade finance today with user-centric, evidence-backed solutions.

Our Lab's Mission

Our mission is to research and develop new and innovative trade finance offerings that disrupt the trade finance landscape to make trade more accessible to all.

Our Process

All innovation ideas are assessed and tracked systematically from ideation to launch using a four-stage process.

This process takes the best practices from industry, incorporates lessons learnt from previous innovation initiatives and enables us to apply a laser focus to ideas with the highest potential.

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Our Approach


We believe that a cross-functional team of design, technology, and domain experts is essential to producing robust and practical solutions.


We work directly with customers to address their pain points, formulating high-value solutions that simplify and streamline workflows.


In-depth data analysis and business intelligence assures that our digitally native solutions have a sound commercial basis and can achieve mainstream adoption.

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