Schedule 2 of Part E - Legal Entity Identifier

Effective as of 31 January 2022

This Part applies to any Members that have authorised Contour to apply for and manage a Legal Entity Identifier on the Member’s behalf.

1. Interpretation

1.1.1  “GLEIF” means the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation;

1.1.2  “LEI” means a legal entity identifier number issued by the GLEIF; 

1.1.3  “RapidLEI” means Ubisecure OY, a GLEIF-accredited LEI issuer and company incorporated and registered in Finland, whose address is at Vaisalante 2, FI – Espoo, 02130, Finland, LEI: 529900T8BM49AURSDO55; and

1.1.4  “Terms of Service” means RapidLEI’s terms of service governing the Member’s use of an LEI, accessible at <>, as updated from time to time.

2. Authorisation

2.1    Member authorises Contour to: 

2.1.1  apply for and purchase an LEI from RapidLEI;

2.1.2  sign and enter into the Terms of Service on the Member’s behalf; and

2.1.3  perform all duties required to manage the LEI on the Member’s behalf.

2.2    If required, Member shall provide Contour such reasonable documentation (e.g. a supplementary letter of authorisation) to enable its purchase of an LEI from RapidLEI.

2.3    Member acknowledges and agrees that:

2.3.1  LEI will be issued by RapidLEI with the assistance of Contour; and

2.3.2  Contour is an official registration agent of the GLEIF and a partner of RapidLEI. 

3. Terms of Service

Member acknowledges and agrees that it has reviewed, and shall comply with, the Terms of Service.

4. Payment and Renewal

4.1    Contour shall invoice the Member for any Fees in connection with the purchase of an LEI on an annual basis from the Order Form Billing Date, until the LEI is terminated or cancelled by the Member.

4.2    Member acknowledges that Contour has no obligation to renew any LEI upon its termination or cancellation.

5. Disengagement

5.1    Upon request, Contour shall offer such transition assistance as reasonably required by the Member where:

5.1.1  Member elects to take over its own management of the LEI; and/or

5.1.2  Member’s Membership Agreement with Contour has terminated or expired.