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Sibos - Perfect Pitch

Dear Contour Member,


With SIBOS 2020 just around the corner, the team here at Contour have decided to enter the Discover Perfect Pitch competition, battling other FinTech companies across the world by showcasing the benefits of the Contour Network. As part of our submission for the competition, we are assembling a Pitch Video.


Since the Contour Network is designed for, and driven by its Members – it would speak volumes if a collection of our most esteemed Members such as yourself could share a brief video, using only one word to describe Contour. We encourage you to think creatively & ‘outside-the-box’ when deciding on the word as it should encapsulate all the benefits that our Members have been able to extract from using the Network.


Please aim to provide your submissions by 14 Sept 2020 .  Please click the button below to submit online.  We’ve also provided instructions below on methods to record yourselves using Microsoft Teams or Zoom, as well as a Dropbox link where you can share the resulting video file. Many thanks in advance for time, effort and creativity!

Submitting via other methods.....

Recording using Microsoft Teams:

  1. Create a Microsoft Teams Meeting for yourself and join the meeting

  2. Under the “More Actions” drop-down in the top menu (denoted by 3 dots ···) find the option “Start Recording”

  3. Once you’re finished with your message, click on “End Meeting” (drop-down next to the red “Leave” button)

  4. After a few minutes, you should receive an email notification that your video has been uploaded to Microsoft Stream – click on the link provided in that email

  5. On the Microsoft Stream site where you can see your video, look below the title of your video for the “More Actions” drop-down (denoted by 3 dots ···), click it and then click on “Download Video”

  6. An .MP4 file should be downloaded onto your PC/Laptop which you are now ready to upload (proceed to the Uploading via Dropbox Instructions below)


Recording using Zoom:

  1. Start a New Meeting on Zoom and join it

  2. Click the “Record” button in the menu at the bottom of the screen, subsequently click on “Record on this Computer” if given the option

  3. Once you’ve finished your message, click on the “Stop Recording” button

  4. Navigate to your PC/Laptop’s “Documents” (or “My Documents”) folder and look for a sub-folder named “Zoom”

  5. Within the “Zoom” subfolder, look for the folder which matches the Date & Time that you recorded (YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS format)

  6. You should see an .MP4 file – you’re now ready to upload (proceed to the Uploading via Dropbox Instructions below)


Uploading via Dropbox:

  1. Once you have your video file ready to be uploaded, click on the following Dropbox link:

  2. Either drag & drop your video file into the Dropbox or choose the file manually from your PC/Laptop

  3. Once you’ve added your files to be uploaded, please provide your Name & Email address

  4. Click “Upload”

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