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Building the ecosystem together

Collaboration and interoperability are at the heart of what we do. Meet the partners we are working with that will enhance your digital trade journey, so you can connect and transact on our network seamlessly.

Digital Documentation & eBLs

Bolero International is a leading cloud-based platform with over 20 years of experience helping organisations make the transition and capitalise on the benefits of digitisation.

WAVE BL is a blockchain-based digital courier platform that mirrors the traditional process for transferring original paper documents ⁠— electronically. WAVE BL's solution enables instant, encrypted and authenticated transfer of Bills of Lading and other trade-related documents.

The CargoX Platform for Blockchain Document Transfer (BDT) helps companies transfer documents of title in a fast, secure and cost-efficient manner.

essDOCS provides paperless trade solutions that digitize & automate post-trade processes. Its CargoDocs platform digitizes key trade documents such as bills of lading, warehouse warrants +more.

Integration Partners

IntellectEU is a global technology company and a leader in digital finance and emerging technologies, focusing on financial messaging, integration and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

Mphasis applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally using the exponential power of cloud and cognitive to provide hyper-personalized digital experiences to clients and their end customers.

Trade Workflows

As the top digitalization software for the commodities and freight markets, Chinsay provides transparency throughout the supply chain bringing significant cost savings, increased efficiencies, improved security, tighter risk, and governance controls

TradeCloud is a bespoke communications platform, designed specifically for the physical commodities markets. The platform links all stakeholders and service providers on a shared ledger using r3’s Corda blockchain.


TradeSun is a groundbreaking Artificial Intelligence and patent pending trade finance cloud platform that powers the quick processing of trade finance contracts while simultaneously intercepting regulatory and fraudulent infractions.

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