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The Contour Logos are to be used in its entirety in the format and proportion shown on this guideline page. It provides the standards for the use of the Contour Logos and guidelines for various materials. 

Short Logo on White.png

Contour Blue

PMS    287C
CMYK  100, 81, 0, 23
RGB     0, 35, 85
HEX     #002355

Contour Orange

PMS      1505C
CMYK   0, 64, 100, 0
RGB      255, 100, 0
HEX      #FF6400

Workmark: This is our most important asset. It should be used on all print materials and digital platforms. The cuts in the ‘O’s are inspired by the idea of point-to-point connectivity and networks. The counters in the ‘O’s represent the start and end of connections.

Logomark: After the wordmark, the logomark is the most important asset. The cuts from the wordmark carry through into the logomark. Repetitive contour lines emphasise the idea of point-to-point connectivity and networks.

free space specs.JPG
free space specs - logomark.JPG

Minimum Size

Digital: 40px

Print: 15mm

Short Logo on White.png

Minimum Size

Digital: 25px

Print: 10mm

Free Space Specifications: To ensure legibility and consistency, ensure that the wordmark is kept within the specified free space measurements. The wordmark should never be smaller than  40px on digital and 15mm on print. The logomark should never be smaller than  25px on digital and 10mm on print.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette

Contour Colour Palette